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Losing 20 pounds

For Lynn, who wants to lose the first (and last) 20 pounds:

Have you tried McDougall Maximum Weight Loss?  I too only wanted to lose 
about 15-20 pounds.  When I went on this plan, it really jumpstarted my 
motivation.  Actually, I have to cheat on it, because otherwise I'll 
lose more than a pound a day, which seems a bit fast.  But maybe you 
could try it to get started and then ease back to regular McDougall, if 
you find it works too fast.  It isn't very hard and it clearly states 
that you should never be hungry.  I often am, just because I'm too lazy 
to fix something that's allowed, but you don't have to be.  There's a 
whole book on the plan, or I can try to give you the basics in e-mail if 
you're interested.  I too was a chocolate lover, but you'd be amazed at 
how much better you feel if you only eat nourishing foods.  As for a 
recipe, the Savory Baked Vegetables I posted recently are great -- very 
filling.  And yes, I too get hungry an hour after a big meal (sigh)

Hope this helps -- good luck to you and I hope to hear from you again