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Mike said cooking sprays are " . . .  MUCH less fat than oil, and by
comparison are so much less so that they are ALMOST FF."

As Mike pointed out though, makers of sprays can advertise their products as
low-fat or fat-free because they use a ridiculously small serving size to
calculate fat content, and if the fat content in a food is under a certain
level per serving, the manufacturer can call it "fat-free." So a lot of them
go with really small serving sizes. One spray I saw said a serving, like Mike
points out about Pam, was 1/3 of a second of spraying time. And although it
was made almost completely with olive oil, they called it fat free. I don't
know about anyone else, but I can't spray anything for a third of a second.

By contrast, on a bottle of extra virgin olive oil that my wife and I have, a
single serving is one tablespoon and has14 grams of fat.

Shawn Lovley