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When Pam was first introduced, lecithin was the oil used.  At that time,
Adele Davis was my main source of information on a healthy life style,
and she recommended lecithin.  It contains many of the beneficial parts of
soy.  Does anyone know of such a spray now?  I have lecithin granules, but
will invest in some liquid again next time I find it, and I'll see if it
can be applied lightly by hand.  
I have always used oil in the pan as sparingingly as if I were greasing a
cake pan lightly.  I use Pam now, but I am appalled at the amount of oil
it seems to add.  I often wipe it out with a paper towel.  Seems to me I
would be better off financially just putting in a few drops of oil and
wiping it back out. Ideas, anyone?

Ann in PA