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salsa and menudo

Salsa can be made out of just about any fresh fruits and vegetables....well,
maybe broccoli wouldn't be so good.....or really soft fruit.  Mangos are
particularly good in salsa.  Just chop the veggies in small pieces and add a
little lemon juice or vinegar and some seasoning, salt, garlic powder or
salt, cumin.  If you use tomatoes you can blanche and peel them or just chop
them up fresh with the skins.  Here is a standard recipe for Red Salsa from
"The Good Book of Nutrition" a cookbook put out by the American Cancer Society.

4 firm ripe tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped
1/2 white onions, finely diced (I prefer sliced green onions)
1/2 cup fresh cilantro (can substitute a T of dry coriander leaves, or leave
2 or 3 choppend hot jalapeno or serrano chilis (I substitute a couple of
ounces of mild green chilis, chopped in the can, you can always adjust the
"fire" to your taste with tabasco, cayenne, or other pepper)
1/2 teaspoon salt
combine all and mix well....prepare as close to serving time as possible.

any combination of tomatoes, onions and chilis will make a classic
salsa....then just add a little liquid of your choice and spice it as you like

Just a Note on Menudo

Menudo is a spanish soup and as far as I know the only requirement to
qualify for that name is that it contain Tripe, which is the lining of one
of the four stomachs of cows.  I suppose there may be some traditional spice
combination in certain recipes that account for the desired taste....maybe
one could make a reasonable facsimile with large chunks of TVP?