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it disturbed me greatly to read in the recent issue #40 where  some readers
are so
hostile and rude when they are not served food according to their taste. 
"Cyn" 's
policy is right ... you attend a dinner just so to enjoy your friend's
company. if the food
is not 100& ff then you just stick to the vegies and soon your hostess will
get the message , there is no need to be so rude as to voice so loudly your
displeasure and 
take off. you can be sure that you will lose a friend and also be known to
others as
a real pain in the neck.  in the true vegan sense,  followers of this diet
are supposedly to be more slow tempered and tolerant. just because you
follow this diet doesn't mean that the whole world has to comply with you. 
by patience, tolerance and slowly educating others will then we be able to
influence more to follow this ff eating .