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Vegetarian etiquette redux

I responded to Bev's writing with a caveat that it was not only her words 
that prompted me, but a lot of commentary on veg lists. I am thinking 
specifically of a "it's just too gross to eat with non-veggies" comment 
on VEGLIFE not too long ago. 

Bev responded to me privately with a very nice email which clarified her 
post. It seems that she has some "friends" who think it's "cute" to hide 
animal products and fat in recipes that they swear are OK for her to eat, 
to see if they can "fool" her. In these circumstances, I would (rather 
than scream at them for being jerks) take Bev's course of action and 

It makes getting a local potluck fatfree group seem like a good thing...


Cynthia Barnes      cbarnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx