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Elderly People

I sympathize with your problem of trying to reeducate an 85 year old man to 
completely new eating habits.  You have a hard task; I know because I have 
two very elderly inlaws, 89 and 93.  They haven't a clue about my lowfat 
diet even though we have discussed it often.

Since your dad lives alone and doesn't like to cook, he might not want to 
go out every night either.  Perhaps his city has a Meals on Wheels program 
(or the equivalent) where hot meals are delivered once or twice a day. 
 Often these programs cater to divergent dietary needs.  I would suggest 
that you call some of the County social service agencies to see if any such 
programs exist.

Here in the Washington area, there are several choices.  Some are low cost 
and supported by social agencies.  Others are private catering firms.  One 
other idea is that there is a Virginia-based group called Diets to Go--they 
specialize in lowfat and low calorie meals.  I understand that they have 
just gone "national" and will delivery "x" number of frozen meals by a 
courier service.  Try 1-800-555-1212 to see if you can get a telephone 
listing for this group.  They advertise on Dr. Gabe Mirkin's radio program 
(mentioned on the FatFree Web), but I can only hear the program 
infrequently, so it would be difficult to get the listing.

Hope these ideas help.