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Re: using stevia in banana bread recipe

> Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 00:02:58 -0800
> From: dlt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Doris Tuck)
> Subject: Re: using stevia in banana bread recipe
> Message-Id: <199710271812.KAA09012@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Karen,
> If you do try making the banana bread with stevia, please post 
> how you did it (how much did you use and in what form) and how 
> it turned out.  I am growing some and want to try it in recipes, 
> but don't even know where to begin. I suppose I should just begin 
> and then make adjustments from there.
> Doris

Dear Doris,

Unfortunately I have absolutely no access to Stevia sweeteners in
Singapore... it's not available here, but I'll be makinga trip to NYC in
Nov, and you bet I'll be cargoeing  tons of that stuff back!!

My family has a strong history of diabetes and hypoglycemia.... and my
grandma and mom loves
banana nut bread and peach crumble alot... they don't (really) care if it's
lowfat or not, but it has to be low in sugars... and I've used SweetNLow in
my recipes sometimes and it works relatively well..but there IS a bitter
edge (after taste of sweetener) to the cake....  I'm hoping that Stevia
would work better...and I'll be keeping a look out for artificial brown
sugar as well - for the crumble...

Just note that  sugar gives food a "syrupy" and "rich" taste... without
sugar and using artificial sweeteners instead, your food might turn out
tasting rather "empty" or "light"...as if it wasn't rich...  I've found
that by adding MORE sweeteners or COMBINING 2 or more different types of
artificial sweeteners creates stronger sweetness and lesser after tastes...
I usually mix EQUAL & SweetNLow... 

My banana nut bread is a family recipe and is really great.. but it isn't
lowfat and so I can't post it here... if anyone wants the recipe, please
email me ... u could probably try to modify it to suit your diet... but I
think my family loves the butter and nuts in the recipe so I always make
one loaf for the kids & fat-eaters and a less high fat (but still not FF) &
low sugar one for my grandma and mom!! They're usually gone pretty fast so
I have to bake several loaves at a go!

Karen Lim