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RE: Non-stick frying pans

Hi Cathy-

  I'd recommend taking a look at the Consumer Reports recommendations
for non-stick pans.  I have the '95 listing and the #1 pan listed by far
(the only one they ranked as "excellent") is called Scanpan 2001 but
it's not regularly available in stores.  Checkout the cookware section
of my home page for places to order it and listings of other cookware on


You'll want to check out different sites as I found one has the set I
want for $390 and another for $320! 

 From Consumer Reports, Scanpan is not one of the most expensive, has a
life time warrenty, you can use metal utensils and scrub pads on it, all
pans can go in the oven up to 500 degrees, and they are dishwasher safe.  

I haven't tried them yet myself although I'm currently waiting for the 7
inch fry pan and if I like it I'm going to order the 11 piece set at the
beginning of the year.  From the pictures the handles look like they'd
be very comfortable which is a big deal to me.  I think Calphlon and
AllClad handles are terribly uncomfortable.

  As far as the report is concerned, some of the more popular brands
like Calphalon did not rank well.  There was also a "Best Buy" brand
that I think came out of JC Penney's.

Worth taking a look at.  


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