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Homemade bulghur

I've been pouting about not being able to have flour-based products on PMWL
because I bought a wheat mill just before I started the new lifestyle.

Particularly irksome to me is that I've got 50 pounds of raw wheatberries
hanging around.  Normally I cook up a cup of wheat with 3-/2 cups of water
in my pressure cooker for 25 minutes and I've got cooked wheat for a variety
of recipes.

Last night I decided to try making some homemade bulghur.  How good it is!

Cook the wheat berries.

Spread on a cookie sheet so that only one layer of the berries are showing.

Put in oven at about 200 F for 45 minutes or so to dry them out.

Mine were still a bit soft in the middle so I left them to dry overnight.

Popped them into a blender (food processor just whirled them around).

Cracked the wheat (almost too fine).

Put in bowl and covered with three cups of cold water and stirred, then
stired again in about an hour, and once more an hour later.

I don't think I'll be going back to the commercial stuff again.  It has a
wonderful taste, almost sweet and has all of the bran, endosperm, etc.

So in addition to making my own seitan (which made folks think I was crazy)
I now make my own bulghur.

Hope you all enjoy the spooky weekend!