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More Pizza news

I too have just recently bought a pizza stone.  My first try, the crust
was absolutely perfect, just like in a brick oven.  the second time,
when I have been experimenting with making my own WW flour dough, it did
stick.  I'd like to try to season it with the olive oil spray, but the
directions did say not to use oil.  Has anyone else tried this.  I would
also love to get a pizza paddle, any suggestions on where?  I just think
pizza is the greatest comfort food there is.  I use soy cheese and if I
can get my ww flour perfected, it will be incredibly nutritious as well.
Pizza stones make great gifts, I bought mine in a Crate & Barrell outlet
in Maine for less than half the price in the regular C&B store so I love
it even more.  Any pizza hints will always be appreciated.