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Almost No Fat Cookbook by Grogan

Is the Chic-like Tofu you mentioned called "Southern "Fried" Tofu" in the
book?  Also - please give the proper name of the scrumptious meatless loaf.
I can't locate it in the index and it sounds great. Sorry for all the
questions - but frustrating when I can't locate the recipes and I   have
the cookbook. Thanks. Patty in AZ
 Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 22:02:45 -0500
 From: Chris Gambino <ChrisG@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 The Almost No-fat Cookbook by Brianna Grogan-Clark is excellent.  It
 recreates many familiar foods, Sweet and Sour Stirfry, Chic-like tofu,
 Meatless Loaf (scrumptious), tofu bacon, Chili con carne  etc.  Its vegan
 too, but you never miss that other stuff.