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Please - watch the tofu!!!

Hi, all,

I noted Karen Lim's tofu pudding submission with interest and confusion.  It
sounded really great but I was worried about the fat content due to the tofu,
so I ran it through the RecipeCalc program.  Sure enough, there were 3.4g of
fat per serving, making it 27.4% of the total calories of 107.  This is very
reasonable by lowfat SAD standards and alot of us who haven't had the
unfortunate experience of heart problems have been known to splurge, but this
list is reserved for recipes with 10% cff or less.  I rely on that for reasons
of improving my health and that of my family, but some other posters have
noted that their LIVES depend on it.  I know there are other mailing lists
with lowfat as opposed to very lowfat standards, and recipes such as these
would be better submitted there.  I think Elle has the url for one of those?