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tomato sieve

My tomatoes are ripening FAST, and while I am enjoying fresh tomato
sauce, I want to cook up something to freeze.  I wasn't thrilled with
last year's batch, so I'm going to do the skinning and seeding business
to see if that's what I missed.  I have seen regular food mills and
those specialty tomato squishers that separate the skin and seeds from
the pulp.  Does anyone have a favorite brand, method, or favorite tomato
variety for thick sauce?  (I have both Roma type paste tomatoes and a
weird mid-size round heirloom variety that is quite solid)

I have to confess that I love the Ragu-type spaghetti sauce in jars, and
would love to come close to that flavor.  My sauce is always very acid
by comparison.  Does anyone make a nice thick sauce for canning or
freezing?  This can't be that much of a trade secret!   Or can it?
Anne, scouring the Italian cookbooks and considering adding calcium