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Re: frozen tomatoes

>Hi all - summer tomatoes are wonderful - when I froze them and dutifully
>ran under warm water, they did indeed peel beautifully, but then turned
>into must upon thawing further

This is the way of frozen tomatoes! And I have heard that you can freeze
some fruits like peaches and the skins will slip off as well. Keep in mind
that freezing almost anything breaks down it's structure somewhat. I have
always frozen tomatoes -- that is, if I had a "good year" -- but they're
really only good for cooking once frozen.

I'm a really lazy cook, so I freeze a lot of stuff from my garden just
washed and whole -- basil, hot and sweet peppers and green beans. And I
have even cut zucchini into chunks or grated it for use in bread and just
shoved the pieces into a freezer bag! (That's a lot of work for me!) Works
great, but the veggies can be a bit limp. I only use the frozen veggies for
cooking, not for a salad or even stir-"fry."

*sigh* My garden probably would have been fantastic this year -- thanks to
El Nino ;-) But I had a baby in May and I wasn't out there pulling weeds at
eight or nine months!! So I have a great crop of Morning Glory...

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