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Re: cooking corn

I microwave corn too (I do peel back the outer leave and remove as
much silk as possible and also to check for worms), but I don't
bother wrapping in paper towels, just make sure to put back a layer
of leaves (you can rubber band the tip if you want).

And time may vary depending on your microwave and how well done you 
like your corn :-)  On mine it's only 2 minutes per ear, but I 
like my corn al dente (I forget my wattage too).

Also, I may have learnt this from this list, but try squeezing a
fresh lime wedge on your corn.  

Another cool way to cook it is on the grill.  It takes longer and
some people don't like it charred, but I think it's a nice change and
it comes out drier, with a smoky flavor. Soak the ears (with husks on as
if microwaving)  in water for about 1/2 hour first, and you turn the 
ears on a hot grill until it's charred on about three sides.  Test spearing 
it with a fork to see if it's done to your likeness....  My rough guess is 
that it takes 15 minutes, maybe longer, but I am not the grill-chef in my 
family so I don't really know.

Aiko Pinkoski