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Correction of eat-lf mailing list address

"K Lim" <koombana_TheGreat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

* I've received several requests to post the eat-lf list address, so here it is

 * Low Fat Foods Discussion List: Send e-mail to
 * listproc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This, I believe, is the old address for subscribing to the eat-lf mailing list.
The correct one to use today is:


The text in the body of the message must read:


* This list is NOT vegetarian.

Yes, it is not limited to only vegetarian recipes; however, of the 6700 recipes
in the archives, 4800 of them are vegetarian. And of those, 2000 are vegan.
And, of course, many of the non-vegan ones can be easily converted.

Ellen C.