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Okra bounties!

This is for Jan who was looking for okra recipes.  Now I was born and
raised in the south so i can eat okra just by itself sliced and tossed
with hot sauce and black pepper BUT i think this might be a bit too
backwoods for anyone :-).  My mother in law (lives in NC) had some okra
to give me every two weeks from her garden this summer so here's one
thing i tried with it.  Slice it up and sautee it with some sliced
onions and add some balsalmic vinegar, minced garlic, black pepper and
some teryaki (or soy or tamari) sauce.  It will thicken up a bit from
the "gel" in the okra.  I serve this over rice and/or pasta and i love
it! DOn't have exact amounts since i threw it together but i know you'd
be able to improvise :-)   Hope this helps!