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re: soy milk

On Mon, 3 Aug 1998 Sophiscot@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I was wanting everyone's advice on the best low-fat or fat-free soy milk on
> the market. There are so many out there and I'd love anyone's help in choosing
> a few to try. I tried one called Pacific brand and I quite liked it. Any
> recommendations?

I don't think there is a *best*.  You have to try them and see what
you like.  Someone mentioned liking Soy Moo; for my part, I can't
stand it because although it says it is "plain" it has a strong
vanilla taste.  I've been using Westsoy plain non-fat or Lite,
which is lowfat rather than nonfat but isn't as sweet (my problem
with nonfat soy milks is that they make up for the lack of fat
by adding sweeteners).  Both of them are fortified with calcium,
A and D.  I don't like the taste plain, but then I don't drink
it.  It's just fine for cereal, cooking, and cocoa.

Lots of people also recommend the Better Than Milk Lite powder,
and I've used it occasionally.  To me it has a bit of an off-taste
(much as powdered milk does) even when I reconstitute it ahead
of time and chill it.  It's fine for cooking, though.

Jane Colman