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How do you barbecue corn?

>>>>> "Dulude," == Dulude, Karen <karen.dulude@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Dulude,> I have a bunch of white corn on the cob that I would like
    Dulude,> to barbecue, but I have never tried doing it and I am not
    Dulude,> quite sure how.  Does anyone know the best way to do it?

    Dulude,> Karen


Barbequeueing corn is simple, and the results are out of this world!
Here's how:

Leave the corn in the husk. Soak ears of corn in water (I use a couple
pails for a dozen ears, use something larger if you have lots of
corn). There are 2 schools of thought here: some people add sugar to
the water, others (including myself) add salt. If you have good sweet
corn, additional sugar should be unnecessary! I add a couple
tablespoons of salt to a bucket of water. Let the corn soak at least
an hour, several hours is better. When your fire is ready (I do this
on charcoal, gas grill, or campfire), take the corn out of the water,
let it drain for a minute, then put it right on the coals (or rocks,
in a grill). Turn the corn every few minutes to keep it from burning
too much, but the outside of the husks will get good and
black. Depending on the heat of your fire, allow 10 - 15 minutes for
the corn to cook. When it's done, peel back the husks, wrap with a
napkin, and use it as a handle. If you've timed your cooking right,
there should be a few brown spots on the corn, where the heat has
caramelized the sugar in the corn - yum!

Hope this help!

Dave Wallis