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RE: Boring lunches

My favorite foods to pack for lunch are probably garbanzo bean spread on
pita, with cucumbers packed separately and added just before eating; black
bean spread with separately packed baked tortilla chips; Mediterranean
lentil salad; Emily's cabbage salad (I'm almost addicted to it!); tabouli;
glazed carrots; roasted vegetables to eat with baguette slices; cucumbers
marinated with seasoned rice vinegar and celery seeds; baked tofu; and, of
course, any kind of fruit. I've never had spoilage from any dairy-free food
that was cold when I left home, packed carefully, kept in a reasonably cool
place during the morning, and eaten for lunch 4-5 hours later.  

A wide-mouth vacuum bottle is a good investment and expands the
possibilities.  In cold weather, it can be filled with hot soup, stew, or
tasty leftovers; in warm weather, chilled soups or fruit smoothies. 

Don't forget the Fat Free archive at <www.fatfree.com>. It has lots of
tempting recipes for sandwiches, salads, spreads, soups, and other