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On 0 fat vs some fat

Neal Pinckney recently pointed out the necessity to read labels very
carefully regarding their ingredients and fat content, because with
a small enough portion size one can make a claim that something with
100% fat actually has 0 fat.

I saw the following amazing thing on a label yesterday.  I was in one
of our best produce/health food stores in Berkeley and picked up a package
of frozen, round dough things that looked like they are used to make some
sort of Asian wrap.  I read the label.  For every 6 rounds of dough, you
get 90 calories, 0 from fat.  Yet, whole eggs is one of the ingredients!
Very mysterious.

Also, of course, with American food one must read the labels carefully
to try to discern the sugar content, which can be VERY high even when
the "box" looks good -- no/low fat, no cholesterol, etc etc.

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