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This is for the request for thicker tomatoes.  I use to can/freeze
tomatoes all the time.  I did it the old fashioned way though.  To skin
the tomato just dunk very briefly in boiling water then immediately into
iced water.  The skin usually just slips off.  I would then take the
core out and quarter the tomato.  I'd simmer it uncovered to thicken it
up.  Mine always can out like Hunt's canned tomatoes.  Except they'd be
already cut up.  Hunt's adds tomato juice to theirs.

Now for your acidy spaghetti sauce.  I was taught to add a bit of sugar
to it.  I think it helps.

A suggestion for when you have many tomatoes all getting ripe at the
same time.  Dice them up and marinate in low fat italian dressing or
I've been making my own, with basalmic vinegar, italian seasonings and
water.  The slice and toast baggett rounds.  Spoon marinated tomatoes on
top and sprinkle with no-fat parmeasan cheese. I've even made the
baggett rounds into garlic rounds when toasting.  This hits the spot
after a long hot day.  I've been eating it for dinner :-)   You can tell
I'm a lazy cook during the summer (well all year round).