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RE: Irritable bowl and vegetarian lifestyle

Laura wrote:

>>>>A coworker has recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome,
and, if I remember correctly, someone who is/was on this list had a
link in his/her signature to a web page discussing this issue and
offering help and advice.  I thought I might post, hoping someone knew
the site, since my coworker doesn't know much about what she
should/shouldn't be eating, etc.<<<<

        I am replying to the list as I feel that perhaps someone else out
there may also benefit from this information.  There are many of us
vegetarians who suffered needlessly due to the misdiagnosis of Irritable
bowel syndrome (IBS) and other illnesses, when all we needed to do was
eliminate a few offending foods.
          I am not certain that I am the one you referred to, however, I do
know that that was my experience with becoming vegetarian.  I was trying so
very hard to be so healthy and seemed to be getting sicker and sicker with
time.  I went through several diagnosis before they finally decided it was
not IBS, colitis, or "all in my head."  They finally did a biopsy and found
that I had Celiac.  This is an intolerance to the grains wheat, oats,
barley, and rye.
        This sounds dreadful, but being healthy again is well worth the
effort I make to avoid these grains.  I find that there are other
alternative grains such as buckwheat (not a true wheat), quinoa, amaranth,
teff, etc. which are perfectly safe for me to consume.   I also find that I
can continue my vegetarian lifestyle with no ill advantages due to these
grain restrictions.
        Also worth knowing is that being allergic to specific foods will
also cause similar distress.  Be a food detective, pay attention to the
foods you consume and how you feel.  Your body will tell you if you listen.
And for heaven's sake.... don't let your Dr. convince you to "throw the baby
out with the bath water!"  There is no reason to give up the vegetarian
lifestyle.... You can work around these issues.  ;)

The web address from my (old) sig line is:  http://celiac.com

(when you get there, scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to
further information.)

        I hope this helps even one person to the road to health, and I hope
that I have not angered anyone by posting this here.

Lynda Swink

P.S.  Thank you all for your lovely recipes and help.  It is invaluable!
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