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Re: Milk, calcium, frosts and eggs ... help please :-)

martinpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx asked about soy milk, calcium 
and egg replacers:

I can sympathise with you feeling all wintery (I'm in Australia)...
all this talk of cold salads and iced tea is making me shiver.  :)

With regard to soy milk, I've found that there is a remarkable 
difference in flavour between brands.  Try as many as you can,
you're sure to find one you like.  The vanilla flavoured ones are nicer
to drink, but can taste a little odd in savoury recipes.
There's a good brand in Australia called Chemists Own Soy Extra
(buy from chemists) which is fat-free, calcium-rich and contains
extra vitamins.

I replace eggs in recipes with a powdered product called Egg-Like,
which is found in the health-food section of the supermarket.
(I'm assuming a lot of brands are similar in NZ and Aus)

With regards to honey and vegetarianism, there's basically no rules.
People are sure to tell you what they think you should and shouldn't
eat, but I believe you should eat what YOU feel happy eating.
It depends on the reason you are vegetarian.  I personally love honey,
dairy products and the occasional egg.  Others do not... to each his/her
own, I say.  The people on this mailing list likely range from meat-eaters
who enjoy some vegetarian food through to strict vegans.  We just 
need to decide for ourselves where we fit into that range and enjoy our
food. :)