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I just visited another favorite Spice Shop in downtown Milwaukee today, The
Spice House, owned by the Penzey family of Penzey's Spices.  They also have
a store in Evanston, Il.  I got a catalogue and thought some of you
interested in spices might like to order a catalogue as it contains, in
addition to most of the spices Penzey's carries, some different spices, too.

The number to call to order a catalogue is 414-272-0977 or fax:
414-272-1271.  They don't have an 800 nor a website that I know of.  I
bought some tasty spices and seasonings, including whole garam masala,
freeze-dried corn that is scrumptous and without any added ingredients -
just corn, my favorite tomato powder (never have seen it anywhere else), and
a nice vegetable soup blend.  

If you get a catalogue, I hope you enjoy it.

Natalie in Milwaukee