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Penzey's Web Site

Hi, all,

Just read Natalie's post about her favorite spice store, Penzey's.  I'm very
happy to make an addition to her post - not only *do* they have a website, but
they even have a downloadable catalog, if you use (or download) Adobe Acrobat!
It may have been Natalie who steered me toward them in the first place (being
from New Jersey, I'd never heard of them) and said the catalog was fascinating
to read, even if you order nothing.  It's really true.  History on the
different spices, comparisons between different types of the same spice,
explanations for processes, uses, recipes.  Really great and worth looking
into.  The unusual items are a bonus!

The URL couldn't be simpler, either - www.penzeys.com/