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Thank You-Re:Meat Recipes

I just wanted to say "thanks" to all the kind folks who sent me
e-mail messages describing various ways to locate the kind of
information that I needed.  It was very helpful and I have already
been sucessful in finding several new low-fat recipes.

To those few who found it necessary to send e-mail venting
displeasure with my choice of subject, I am sorry that you were
having such a grumpy day.  Most likely that was just something you

It still puzzles me that there are no artificial flavors being sold
to simulate the taste of cooked meat.  Perhaps a Vegan would find
this objectionable, but if it were entirely chemical and not actually
derived from meat, there should be no problem for most vegetarians.
Almost any packaged-food label you read these days includes artificial
flavors.  Why not this one?