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Recipe request and breakfast suggestion

I'm looking for the deviled egg recipes that were going around a month or
so ago.  My computer crashed, and I lost those digests...searched
www.fatfree.com and they're not there yet.  Having a bbq this weekend and
want to serve no-yolk deviled eggs.

This has turned into a real treat for me. Probably a no brainer for some,
but it often takes me time to find a combination of foods I really like.
I eat for breakfast or lunch...go easy if you're not eating a lot of fiber
now, or the cereal may cause intestinal distress.

Fiber one cereal (one serving) (if you don't like it, try shredded wheat)
non-fat soymilk  (8 oz)
Blueberries, 1/2-3/4 cup (if frozen, let thaw a few minutes)

Put these together in a bowl and enjoy.

A question for label readers:  If a box of something has the nutrasweet
red/white swirl on it, does that mean that aspartame is in the product?
I recently came across this swirl and was unable to locate aspartame or
any of it's known descriptors in the list of ingredients. I do not like it
so try to avoid whenever possible.