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To Jennifer who is not eating bread:

I have recently hired a personal trainer and she told me the same thing.  No wheat.  I have been eating this way for a couple of weeks and it is not bad at all.  I eat rice and corn cakes and  Kashi cereal.  I only eat small amounts of it, and I don't eat any carbs after lunchtime.  I was the same way you are.  I loved bread and pasta so I would fill up on it.   Now, I fill up on protein and veggies, and I drink a gallon of water a day.  

I have a question for the group.  I recently posted a message asking for protein ideas and I got a lot of great suggestions.  I have been nibbling on soy nuts and other goodies.  I would like to eat more Tofu but am terrified of the stuff!  I made Tofu manicotti once and it was GROSS!  What is a good way for beginners to eat tofu (easy to make and tastes good)?

Thanks for the collective wisdom!