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Hi.  My name is Jennifer, and I have just rejoined this mailing list.  I
was on it for about two or three years in college when I was learning to
cook on my own  even though I was not a vegetarian.

Today my allergist here told me that I have to go three weeks without any
dairy, wheat, or eggs.  I have already reduced my dairy and eggs to almost
nothing, but the thought of no bread is terrifying to me.  Breads are a
major part of my diet, even though I have been told that I would lose
weight if I quit eating so much of it.

I really have no idea what to cook or eat without bread.  I usually eat
cereal or breakfast bars in the morning, and I take sandwiches for lunch.

If you have any ideas or recipes, I would appreciate your help.  I pretty
much have a feeling I will be going back to the grocery store to get all
the things I don't have that I will  be eating instead now.  It is only
three weeks, so I hope I can make it. :)

Jennifer Johnson