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5 Fruits/5 Vegetables

I tried to send this earlier, so if it appears, I apologize!
This is for Jennifer J. who is having trouble getting her 5 & 5 in
each day.  I also thought it was almost impossible until I went to
Mexico and found Pico de Gallo sauce.

Pico de Gallo Sauce
2        small tomatoes
1/3     onion
3        cloves garlic
1/2    green pepper
1        serrano chili
1/2     jalapeno pepper
1tsp.   cilantro
1 Tbsp olive oil (I leave this out)
Chop all ingredients and mix. I scoop it with low-fat or fat-free
tortilla chips and eat it as a meal by itself. Yummy!  PS  I add
tofu, celery, etc., for variety and make much larger quantities
than this (it keeps for about a week).  Some people add the juice
of one lime for a litle extra flavor.
Marti in Anchorage