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Useful hints

Tofu:  I don't like the bother and the slowness of pressing water out of
tofu.  Some company was selling a tofu press a few years back, but I can't
find them to buy one.  Lately I have been cutting the tofu in half width
wise so that it is about 3/4" thick, placing one slice between two pieces
of flexible cutting plastic, and gently squeezing the water out.  Don't
squeeze too hard or you will break up the tofu.

Flexible cutting plastic:  these handy cutting surfaces can usually be
found at Walgreens for about $3 each.  I think that it was Michelle who
first told us about them.  I've given them away as gifts and use mine every
time I cook.  They are great.  I'm not great at cleaning up while I cook so
I just put a dirty one in the sink and pull out another for the next
cutting job.

Fat-free Mozzarella cheese:  there is a suggestion on page 46 of the
January 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine that after you sprinkle it on
your pizza, you "top it off with a 3-second mist of cooking spary before
heating."  This is supposed to make the cheese "creamy when it melts"
rather than rubbery.  That will be a miracle :-)