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RE: baked onion rings

This is kinda weird but it might help.
If you can't get sweet Vidalias or something like those,  look for white
onions that are flattened in shape.
You know how an onion is normally round?  Well, think of a ball of cookie
dough you flatten with the palm of your hand.  The flatter the sweeter the
However, any onion kept under the sink for awhile grows stronger with age.
This old wives' suggestion works for any type onion.  White, then yellow
would be your best bet for sweetness, I think.

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From: 	Sammie Rutledge
>>I have a question.

It calls for sweet onions. All the grocery stores have around here
this time of year are red onions, white onions, and yellow onions.

Which ones would be best or does it really  matter?<<