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Re: braggs amino acids

Well, not to rain on your parade but,,,,,

Somehow, over the years, Braggs got a reputation as being a
"healthy" substitute for salt or soy sauce, but I wouldnt
consider Braggs the "most healthy of things" and if i were to
use it I would only do so sparingly.

Braggs is very very high in sodium (about 660 mgs per TB).  This
is not much less then soy sauce (1000 mgs/TB) or salt (2200 mgs
per tsp).  We need only about 500 mgs (or less) of sodium a day
to stay healthy and anything over that is really excess.
Remember, fat is only one of the components of food that is
consumed in excess.  Salt is another.  And excess salt can lead
to a host of health problems including contributing to

Whatever you do with it, go easy on it.

In health
jeff N