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High Protein Breakfast

> I've got a couple of questions.  I noticed someone a
> couple of posts back asked for questions about how to
> get the most protein for breakfast.  Sorry if I missed
> any posts about it, but I didn't think I saw any.  I
> have also heard it is a good time to get a lot of
> protein.  I do not eat eggs, but I do eat dairy, so I
> was curious to see people's suggestions.

One thing I used to do a lot was scrambled tofu.  Just crumble it up and
saute it with some garlic, and seasonings (I would use some turmeric to make
it yellow, plus some nutritional yeast).  Often I would put it on top of ww
toast. Tofu is not fat free, though.

My favorite breakfast is a taco.  I use beans, potatoes, possibly some of
that scrambled tofu, and salsa on a ww tortilla. Where I live, I can get
fat-free whole wheat tortillas, so I can make this as a fairly low-fat meal.
It is very filling and satisfying.