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protein and Braggs

For high protein breakfast, there is scrambled tofu,
or breakfast strips, I slice tempeh very thinly sort of on a
diagonal and marinate in a little soy, ginger, garlic, etc.
Or, slice a cake of tofu into "steaks" marinate and sauté or
bake, store in fridge for a "grab on the go" snack.

All of the above can be marinated in BBB sauce, any sort of
vinaigrette, etc.

Braggs Aminos, us as you would soy sauce, very high in
sodium. I prefer Tamari myself.

For the bitter quinoa, I would rinse it several times even
tho it claims to have already been rinsed.  That may help.
Then, let it dry, and toast it a little in a dry pan before
adding the liquid.  Couldn't hurt.