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Re: marinated tofu

Hi Angi,
Your recipe sounds good and I think I am going to try it soon.  A couple of 
questions though
Why press the tofu?
Does the grill work like a stove broiler?  If so, what keeps the tofu from 
getting burnt?
Thanks a lot.

<< Marinated Tofu
 ? cup of light soy sauce
 1 cup of orange juice
 several cloves of crushed garlic
 2 tbsp of grated fresh ginger
 crushed red pepper (if you like a little heat)
 Press a cube of firm tofu.  Slice in half then in half again.  Marinate the 
 tofu overnight.  Then just preheat your gril and grill the tofu for a few 
 minutes.  It browns nicely.  This marinade is really good on veggies too!! >>