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Picnic ideas - outcome

Thanks to everyone who sent ideas for my picnic at the jazz festival on
Saturday. In the end I made the following.

An easy babaganoush 

(Roast a whole eggplant and some garlic in the over for one hour.  Cool,
peel and blend with some paprika and some cumin and a little lemon juice)

Pumpkin and cumin dip 

(Roast a large piece of Japanese pumpkin - once again with garlic - then
peel and de-seed and blend with 1/2 tsp cumin and some balsamic vinegar.
This was delicious)

Vegetable crudites.  I laid these out on a bed of lettuce in a fancy bowl,
using a range of colours and textures; carrots, capsicums, red and green,
some whole asparagus sticks and some spring onions.

Toasted pita bread.  Slice a pita pocket, spray with cooking spray and
sprinkle cajun spice before putting in the griller. Toast then cool and cut
into small pieces for use with dips.

Fresh fruit - I took some plums and apricots to eat whole after the main

I opened a bottle of Kingston Estate Merlot, took a couple of bottles of
water and had a wonderful summer evening.

Thanks to you all for your suggestions.


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