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Do I have to toss my pot of beans?

I made a pot of beans this a.m. that called for a can of Tomato Puree.
The can I used was several years old. I smelled it, seemed fine. But
when I tasted the bean "gravy" it tasted tinny and very tart.

I looked at the canned and found the top 20% of the sides of the can
were discolored and not shiny like the rest of the can.

I tried to adjust the taste with a tablespoon of sugar, and two packets
of BBQ sauce from a fast food eatery. Seemed to help...Do I have to be
more concerned? Throw the beans, rinse the beans, start over with a new
miraqua (holy trinity of onions, carrots, and celery or bell peppers).

The beans are cooking on very low heat right now...wonder if I made a
"fatal" error in using old tomato puree?

It's a simple recipe that I would like to retype (the computer crashed
while proof-reading) a little later when my blood pressure comes back to

I don't have more than $6.00 invested in product and about 2 hours of

thanks for your input

(who doesn't know how to spell miraqua (miraquoi?) and neither does
http://www.m-w.com (Merriam Webster Dictionary website or this build in
spell check in Netscape 4.72).