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Iron Sources

There are many sources of iron you can get very easily. One way my family & I 
get our iron is to cook most of our foods in cast iron pans. The iron 
actually cooks out into the food. I make everything from spaghetti to vegie 
burgers to sir fry's in these pans. Here are some more sources. Spinach, 
dried peas, dried beans, whole wheat, prunes, watercress, celery, milk, 
cabbage, oats, lettuce, raisins, apples, English walnuts, lentils. You might 
want to check your local library and see if they have any books in iron 
fortified recipes. I may do this myself. We don't take vitamins in our family 
we just make sure to eat the right foods needed to supply us with the 
vitamins and nutrients we need. 
Sheila Beal