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Iron-rich recipes

One of my favorite dishes just happens to be chock full of iron. It's the
classic Italian greens & beans. Basically a stew of greens (can be spinach,
kale, chard, or whatever) with beans (usually cannellini beans, but can also
be chick peas) and onion, garlic, some white wine, and I usually add a few
chopped up sundried tomatoes. You should be able to find a recipe for this
in any Italian cookbook. It probably won't be vegetarian, but it is easily
converted. Serve it over whole wheat pasta.

Lentil soup is also often made with some spinach or chard.  Look for a
middle eastern lentil soup recipe. You can also hide greens in lasagna and
on pizza. I have recipes for both the beans and greens and the lentil soup,
and will try to post them when I have a chance to type them, hopefully this