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Re: bean cookies

> I tried to email you privately but couldn't: tachyon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yeah ... sadly I lost my UCSC account when they decided to get rid of
all the alumni accounts.

> Your bean cookies were fantastic. I'd been looking for something like that
> for a few weeks. A great breakfast too! 
> I only had white raisins; they were good in it. The second time I used
> adzuki beans 
> (forgot to put in dried fruit) and the flavor of the cookie was even
> sweeter. I'm going to try dates with adzukis next time. Please keep
> sharing! 
> Jeannie Dalton

Thanks/you're welcome, I'm glad you liked them! 

And for something else to share :-), here's something I've been 
getting at the grocery store lately that I have somewhat mixed 
feelings about:  bags of "cole slaw" (shredded red cabbage, green 
cabbage and carrots - no dressing, just the vegetables).  

It feels kind of inane to buy something like this instead of just 
cutting up some cabbages myself, but it's really cheap, stays fresh 
for a couple weeks, and the fact that I can grab a handful of it at 
any time without having to do any prep work means that it's very 
likely to actually get used.  I like to grab a handful to add to 
pasta and rice dishes (gives them a nice crunch), burrito-type 
sandwiches, miso soup, probably a few other things that slip my mind 
at the moment.
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