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Re: I'm new hereabouts...

Sorry to hear about your heart attack. Don't know about other countries (I'm
UK) but over here most, if not all, packaged food has to have an ingredients
list so you can look at the values per 100 grams. If you multiply the grams
by 9 (fat has 9 calories per gram) and compare that to the total number of
calories that will give you the percentage fat. As long as it's not more
than 30% you should be okay for "low fat".
Example from Sainsbury's Instant Noodles (veg flavour) - Calories per 100g
=115. Fat per 100g = 4.1g.
4.1 multiplied by 9 = 36.9 so they're 36.9% fat.  On the Slimming World
(veg) diet which is based on very low fat they're "free" food so you can eat
as many packets as you want so although 36.9% sounds high, it isn't in
"real" terms.
Hope this helps - tho of course if you don't have this nutrition info it's
no good! You'll have to make your own dishes as that way you know what's in
them. Could you get some help from the nutritionist/dietician at the
hospital you were in? Or a book from your local library/bookstore?
Anyway, good luck!


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Date: 31 May 2000 13:58
Subject: I'm new hereabouts...

>please tell me what ff is!! Had a scarey heart attack last February,
>damage. Smoked ALOT previously. Non-smoke now. Trying to leave "clean" and
>need low-fat to non-fat recipes, etc. Shopping is a mess for me now, so
>so-called low fat and non-fat products, I don't believe them! I think many
>"fats" are hidden under a different ingredient name. Can anyone help with
>this info?  And, again, what does ff refer to?? Appreciate any and all
>                            RBrown9213@xxxxxxx (Sunny)