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Re: kasha recipes & vegan cookbook

Kaska, I love it. I remember it roasted w/meat, veggies and natural gravy 
(ugh! thinking about all that fat and flesh now makes me cringe!). Live and 
learn (hopefully). I offer the following: 
>Kasha is nice sauteed with some egg substitute and seasoned with some 
Braggs' Amino Acid, or other spices,  simple,  pepper, salt, onion powder 
works great, even a bit of garlic. Very nice. Or, leave out the egg 
substitute entirely and mix in the foregoing mixtures. 
>Also, a soy based (or not soy based) ff gravy w/ kasha is delectable, and 
you can add some chicken or beef (not!) if desired. 
>Or, bake some extra firm tofu (season with soy sauce or Braggs, etc.), then 
add to stove top wok or large frying pan w/some greens, like broccoli, or 
such, red, green, yellow peppers (sweet, and soft cooked first), onion, 
garlic, kasha, and either a ff gravy or soy sauce, etc.  
>Instead of using a base of rice for some dishes, substitute w/the kasha. 
But, make it on the moist side. 
>Kasha, bottom line is: pretty dry stuff, but excellent in cooked dishes and 
w/ff gravy.