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Rice cooker questions - National/Zojirushi

For Valentine's Day, I received a National Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker from
Williams-Sonoma. After trying it out, I have to say I'm disappointed. The
rice comes out much stickier than I like, and it is also browned on the
bottom. I have been able to reduce the stickiness by reducing the amount of
water, but the browning remains the same no matter what I try. Even if I
remove the rice from the pot as soon as it is finished cooking, it is still
browned - not severely; the rice is certainly still edible, but enough to be
annoying. For 200 bucks, I expect a rice cooker to cook rice as well as I
do, and this doesn't.

I believe that several people on this list have rice cookers, and wondered
if anyone perhaps had the same model? (model # SR-MK10S). If so, do you also
get the browning on the bottom of the rice? Any suggestions on how to stop

If I can't solve this, I plan to return the rice cooker. I am thinking of
replacing it with the similar Zojirushi model (NS-JCC10), which was reviewed
in the last Cook's Illustrated. The review said that this model produced no
browning at all, even when the rice was kept warm for several hours. I'd
like to hear from any Zojirushi owners out there to verify if this is true.
Also what type of texture do you get on the rice?

I normally cook a long-grain brown rice - Texmati, to be specific. So I am
using the brown rice setting on the rice cooker. I tried the "regular" white
rice setting once, just to see if it worked better, but it didn't. My
preferred rice texture is decidedly not sticky - I don't want
Chinese-restaurant style rice. My ideal is more of a Persian style, with
every grain separate.

Any tips on how to achieve this with my current rice cooker would be
appreciated, as would any info on whether the Zojirushi might perform