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Bev Kurtin's rice

Bev, thanks for a very clear and thorough description. I think that being able to quote an experienced, successful rice cooker about DO NOT LIFT THE LID WHILE IT COOKS!!!! impressed my husband more than hearing it from me has ever done :-)

Just wanted to ask if you rinse your rice beforehand. I've been prerinsing to reduce the starch, especially for white Basmati which just explodes starchily all over the pot, but maybe this is not needed if it's immediately moved from tbe hot-enough-to-boil burner to a just-warm burner. ???

I used your method last night for short-grain brown rice. I must have had the "warm" burner on a bit too high because it ended up sticking slightly to the pan after 45 minutes. Well, my quantities were also slightly different although still to the same proportion: 1.5 cups rice, 2.25 cups water. I stirred in some soy sauce diluted in more water than soy sauce (maybe 1/4 cup total) and it was then perfecto!

(Dinner was beige last night. The brown rice; fresh cauliflower that had been micro-ovened to almost done and then wokked with a little salt & curry powder; baked smoked tofu ready-made from the health-food-store. Delicious, but not much visual appeal. Does anyone have an EASY and edible green or other non-beige garnish to suggest? EASY is the operative word.)