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Definitly FATFREE spring rolls


I use Rice paper - you buy it in the asian section of the supermarket!! They come stiff and you just use a tiny bit of hot water to soften them, wrap the filling inside the bake in the oven! They come out fairly crisp (obviously the higher the temp and the longer you leave them in th oven then the crispier they will be)

There you have it ABSOLUTLY fat free spring rolls, you may need to experiment with the hot to warm water though cos it certainly took me a few tries!!!!

GOOD luck!!

Jessica (WA)

>From: Cybermama1@xxxxxxx
>To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Spring Rolls
>Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 19:56:09 EDT
>Does anyone know of a recipe for low-fat spring or egg rolls? The filling
>would be a cinch, but that deep frying makes me cringe. Thanks in advance!
>Jennifer in Long Beach, CA