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RE: BK Veggie burger

That 10 g includes everything. They've introduced reduced-fat mayo to go with the veggie burger, and you can now order it on any of
their burgers.

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> <<  I understand that Burger King is now offering a Veggie Burger on their
> menu.
>  Does anyone know how I could find out about the fat content and other
>  nutritional info about it. The BK web site has no info at all.>>
>  <<<  From what I have read, the Veggie has 10 g fat and 330 calories, as
> compared to the 600+ calories and 39 g of fat of the Whopper.
>  I've also heard conflicting stories about whether it's cooked on a different
> grill from the animal burgers. Sounds like it depends
>  on the particular restaurant.>>>
> I was wondering about the BK veggie burger myself.  When they say it has 10g
> of fat, does that include gunk put on in (mayo, sauce, whatever) to make it
> look like a "real" burger?  I wondered if you had a plain veggie burger,
> would there be less fat?
> Terry
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