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Re: BK Veggie burger

In a message dated 4/4/02 11:16:12 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<<  I understand that Burger King is now offering a Veggie Burger on their 
 Does anyone know how I could find out about the fat content and other
 nutritional info about it. The BK web site has no info at all.>>
 <<<  From what I have read, the Veggie has 10 g fat and 330 calories, as 
compared to the 600+ calories and 39 g of fat of the Whopper.
 I've also heard conflicting stories about whether it's cooked on a different 
grill from the animal burgers. Sounds like it depends
 on the particular restaurant.>>>

I was wondering about the BK veggie burger myself.  When they say it has 10g 
of fat, does that include gunk put on in (mayo, sauce, whatever) to make it 
look like a "real" burger?  I wondered if you had a plain veggie burger, 
would there be less fat?